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Who is the greatest poet in England? You're a dreamer. Earle didn't want to live on the street.

I'm glad to know you. Didn't that seem odd to you? Robbin took a job with a trading company.

Every guy can say "although I'm not the greatest man in the world, I am the man who is best to you." Let me know the time you are leaving. I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine. I'll do the work tomorrow.

It's easy to understand why Dion doesn't like it here. I'd like to get this working again. It rained on and off all day. That's definitely a possibility. The boy learned the famous poem by heart soon after he read it. You never told me you had these.

Schools and roads are services paid for by taxes. Row me across the river. Do not leave valuable items in the vehicle. Peter's cottage is very big. That's exactly what's bothering me. There's a Swedish embassy in Washington D.C. We use computers to solve problems and to put information in order. Al can't figure it out. You look tense.

I didn't do that for the money. I have no job, so I can never save money. You got here in time. I've always wanted to play the trombone. I think you've been lying to me. Let's go sledding this afternoon. We baked some cookies for them. She is sewing a dress.

It lasted more than two years. I hate hypocrites. Everyone loves their father. You can wait in the car. Your papers seem to be in order.

I'm hiding from Anderson. Familiarity breeds contempt. That's never happened before. Call me at six-thirty, please. For instance, people who physically have to have alcohol can die from not drinking. She cheered him up because he was depressed. Les said this movie wasn't very good. I like your cat. I never would've guessed.

I can't give you that information. Why do you need a new umbrella? He left without telling us. I was reading a book then. Jones is well qualified for the job.

I don't know what motivated me to come here. This problem was troubling us until last night when we found the cause and fixed it. Apes are intelligent. Marian and Harry have long hair. It's very dark in here. During the trip, John and I alternated driving the car. They like attention. There's no happiness among things. It's in people's hearts who see and use those things. I feel as if I were another person.